4 Tips for Making Your Google Chrome Browsing Experience More Productive

4 Tips for Making Your Google Chrome Browsing Experience More Productive

While sharing some Google Chrome browser tips in the office, I realized that what I thought everyone knew was not true. Here is a collection of tips for making your browsing experience more productive.

3-button mouse: Every mouse click you can reduce helps to make you more productive. I own a 3-button mouse, actually, the middle button is a wheel-button. With this button, I can usually eliminate one to two steps in a Google Chrome process. For example, if you click on a link with the middle button, that link will open in a new tab. Click on a bookmarks bar folder, it will open all contents to new tabs.

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Folder of Web links: In order to save absolute favorites, I save them on my Google Chrome bookmarks bar.  For example, there are six Web sites I use on a daily basis that I put in a Start folder. Using the method explained above, I can open all of them with one click.

Pinning tabs: To save even an additional step, I pin the links from my Google Chrome start folder by right-clicking on a tab and selecting “pin tab”. When you close your browser and reopen it, all of the pinned links will also open automatically. It is important to note that if you have multiple browser windows open, the browser with the pinned tabs must be closed last. I have messed this up so often that I created a folder to store my startup sites.

I recently learned that you can pin a set of open tabs at once by selecting all the tabs, Right-clicking on them, and selecting pin tab.

Moving tab(s) to a new window: Sometimes you just need to see two Web pages at one time. Google Chrome allows you to move a tab to a new window. Simply click on the tab and drag it to a new position off of the current tab bar. I just learned that you can pull off multiple tabs to a new window by selecting them with the control key and then pulling them off the tab bar. You can also select a series of tabs using the shift key and clicking.

I use these tips every day to make my life just a little easier. What tips do you regularly use for your Google Chrome browser? Please share below.

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