Adding JCC Library Resources to Your Blackboard Course

Adding JCC Library Resources to Your Blackboard Course

See important message from the JCC Library in the comments below.

Through the SUNY JCC library, you can tap into some great resources for your course. Did you know you can create reading lists in Blackboard for your students directly from the JCC Library? Let me show you how.

With the JCC Libraries’ EDS: Curriculum Builder, you can create multiple reading lists for your course. Here are the steps:

1. Navigate to Blackboard Course.

Navigate to Blackboard Course

2. Navigate to the location where you want reading lists.

Navigate to location to place reading lists.

3. Select Tools and then JCC Libraries’ EDS: Curriculum Builder.

Select Tools and then JCC Libraries' EDS: Curriculum Builder


4. At a minimum, enter a Name and click on the Select button. You can also Track Number of Views and add a Description.


Enter a Name and click on Submit button

5. Click on the title of your new reading list.

Click on reading list title.

6. Conduct a search.

Conduct a search.

7. Scroll down and click on Add to Reading List button for items you wish to add. Repeat for additional articles.

Select articles to add to reading list.

8. Switch to student view.

Switch to student view.

9. Navigate to content and click on reading list title.

Click on reading list link.

10. You should see your reading list. Students also have access to EBSCO to do their own search.

Your JCC Library reading list.

This is a great way to include timely, scholarly materials into your class. If you have questions about adding library resources, please contact a member of the TEI team, or in this case, you may also want to talk to the librarians.

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4 thoughts on “Adding JCC Library Resources to Your Blackboard Course

  1. The JCC Libraries are recommending that faculty not use the Curriculum Builder tool at this time. Implementation across SUNY has brought some major bugs to light that may result in reading lists vanishing without warning as well as problems with the security certificate and browser incompatibility. The SUNY libraries and OLIS are working with the Curriculum Builder vendor in an effort to correct these functional issues.

    Once a resolution has been found, the JCC Libraries will be offering training for faculty interested in incorporating reading lists into their Blackboard courses using Curriculum Builder. In the interim, if you are interested in adding library resources to your course, please contact Amy Rupp (ext. 1131) in the Hultquist Library.

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