Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Start With a Course Copy

Don't Reinvent the Wheel, Start With a Course Copy

Have you previously taught a section of your online course? If so, don’t start from scratch, instead, copy your course material from your old course into your new one. 

This video explains how to copy content from one Blackboard course into a new course.

Here are the steps:

*Note: You must be listed as an instructor in both courses in order to copy content.

Make sure that the Edit Mode switch is turned on to enable editing!

We recommend that you do not select Announcements, Discussions, or adaptive release criteria when doing a course copy. If you do, all previous content will appear behind the template buttons, including all previous discussion posts, etc. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to delete all past messages and announcements.

Step 1: Go to the course you want to copy materials from.

Step 2: Look for the Control Panel at the bottom left of the page.

Step 3: Click on Packages and Utilities.

Step 4: Click on Course Copy.

Step 5: In the “Select Copy Type” area, set to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

Step 6: Click on the Browse button to select the Course you want to copy materials into.

The Browse button will bring up a new pop-up window that allows you to select or search for the course. To select the course, just click on the circle button to the left of the Course ID, and then click the green Submit button at the bottom right.

Step 7: In the “File Attachments” area, accept the default choice, Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder).

Step 8: In the “Enrollments” area, do not check “Include Enrollments in the Copy”.

*Note: You do not need to check “Adaptive Release Rules for Content” since your student enrollments are not included in the course copy.

Step 9: When finished, click the green Submit button.

It takes a few minutes to a few to hours process – the time depends upon how busy the copy queue is. You will receive an email once the copy is complete.

This PDF document also provides very detailed instructions for walking you through the process.

Naturally, if you are stuck, please contact a member of the TEI Team, and we will gladly help you with your course copy.

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