How to Build a PowerPoint Slidedeck From a Word Document

How to Build a PowerPoint Slidedeck From a Word Document

Two weeks ago, I gave a Webinar on Improving your PowerPoint Presentations. In the presentation, I showed my method for taking content from a Beyond Bullet Points template and converting it to a PowerPoint slidedeck. In this post and video, I will outline those procedures.

With this process, I use a couple of additional templates and macros. I am sharing them here:

Here are the steps:

  1.  Open your Word document. In the example, I open my presentation Word document created with a Beyond Bullet Points template. You could use a simple outline.
  2. Select the entire document. CTRL-A will select the entire document.
  3. Copy the selection. CTRL-C will copy the document.
  4. Create a blank Word document.
  5. Paste what is on your clipboard to the new document by Keep Text Only. Using the Paste drop-down menu from the toolbar, select the Keep Text Only option.
  6. Clean up the document as you desire or run the CleanPresentation macro. Instructions for adding a macro can be found the How do I print a quiz from Blackboard 9.1 post. You would have to substitute in the CleanPresentation macro.
  7. Save your Word document with one item on each line.
  8. Open PowerPoint, and start a new document with your Beyond Bullet Points template.
  9. Select the Home tab.
  10. From the New Slide drop-down menu, select the Slides from Outline… option. Note: It is towards the bottom of the list.
  11. Find your newly created Word file.
  12. Apply a layout to your slides and add notes and images as appropriate.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please drop me a note.

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