How to Communicate With Students in Blackboard

How to Communicate With Students in Blackboard

There are three ways to communicate with your students in Blackboard announcements, course messages, and email. Please keep in mind there are many areas of Blackboard that use the email feature; announcements, retention center, grade center, and the send email tool. 

Course Announcements

Course Messages


  • This feature is in Blackboard resides outside of the course once the email is sent. Students will receive the email in their SUNYJCC student email accounts and faculty will receive emails in their college Outlook account or the email registered in Banner.
  • If the email is sent through the Retention Center, a copy of the mail will be saved within the course.
  • If you are not sending email through the Retention Center, it is recommended that you create a folder in your Outlook account to collect any correspondence.
  • Remember that emails sent prior to add/drop will not be sent to students that are added later in your course.  Please remember to go back and check any emails you sent before add/drop has ended to see if they need to be sent again.  This is a practice you should use every semester.
  • Video on how to send course messages:                                            
  • Another resource is the Blackboard Essentials Training (September 19, 2013 version) on LinkedIn Learning ( Look under Section Communicating with Your Students.

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Connie Pilato

Connie Pilato

Connie Pilato is the Academic Technology Support Specialist for Jamestown Community College, and has more than 20 years providing technology support in various roles at the college. While her primary assignment is to support the faculty of the Cattaraugus County Campus, she is available to assist both full-time and adjunct faculty regardless of their campus location.

Among her significant previous positions, Connie served as Network Design Engineer/Central Office Equipment, and Network Design Engineer/Special Circuits at ALLTEL, a telecommunications company.

Connie holds a M.S. in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology from University of Albany – SUNY, and a B.S. in Business (Magna Cum Laude) from SUNY Fredonia.

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