The SUNY JCC Technology-Enhanced Instruction Team will be sending out newsletters on the topics listed below. Each newsletter will be distributed at least monthly, and in some cases, more frequently. Each newsletter is opt-in, which means you must subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive a distributed copy.

We intend to provide you with timely tips to help you provide the best instruction possible in this rapidly changing world.

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SUNY JCC Newsletters

Accessibility – The Accessibility newsletter will keep informed about happenings around the topic of accessibility as well as tips and tricks to make it easier for your learners. Improved accessibility helps everyone.

Blackboard Blackboard provides tips and tricks for using Blackboard®. These tips will provide insight for better utilization in the classroom whether you are just new to Blackboard or an expert user. Both face-to-face and online instructors will benefit from these tips.

Blended LearningBlended Learning looks at the melding of face-to-face instruction with that of online learning. This newsletter provides ideas for increasing engaging based on this integration.

Game-based Learning – The Game-based Learning newsletter, we will search high and low for ideas that you can use in your classroom to make it just a little more fun while driving the lesson home.

Google Applications – Google has a wealth of applications that can be leveraged in support of teaching and learning. This newsletter will help you get more out of these applications as well as provide ideas for using them in an educational environment.

Interactive TV/Video Conferencing – This newsletter explores best practices and strategies in an effort to create the best synchronous online event possible.

Open Educational Resources – The Open Educational Resources newsletter shares OER content across disciplines. These resources may course objects, open textbooks, open journals, and much more.

Online Learning – Online learning and teaching is different from face-to-face instruction. This newsletter shares best practices for increasing engagement and outcomes in a distance education environment.

Social Learning – The Social Learning newsletter shares ideas for increasing communication and collaboration through the use of social media applications.

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