#OpenEd18: Applying Student-Generated OER to Increase Engagement and Enhance the OER Community

#OpenEd18: Applying Student-Generated OER to Increase Engagement and Enhance the OER Community

This is one area that I am currently exploring for some of the courses I teach. Joy Yaeger, Instructional Designer and Faculty Developer for Regent University shared how one course was employing student-developed OER to foster engagement.

Yaeger explained that they were looking for new ways to teach. Rather than create additional “disposable” assignments, they sought out “renewable” assignments. Examples of renewable assignments include photography repositories or a humanities virtual museum.

Yaeger provided an example of how a class (EDIP 543, Technology in Education) had accomplished this. They began by modeling what they wanted to achieve. They placed their content online outside of a closed learning management system. In this course, students had to create an instructional video, interactive assessment, and online module.

The design team created the website for the course to not only share the details of the assignments but also included an explanation of open and open licenses, a collection of open tools, and other open resources.

I am a fan of building content to help the greater good. It was nice to see these types of assignment examples.

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