#OpenEd18: OER and Personalized Learning: A Powerful Combination For Developmental Education

#OpenEd18: OER and Personalized Learning: A Powerful Combination For Developmental Education

Ahrash Bissell, President for Monterey Institute for Technology and Education, discussed strategies that the NROC Project and EdReady were taking to help personalized learning paths using Open Educational Resources.

Bissell highlighted various applications that could be used to help personalize instruction. Here are these tools and what they can provide:


HippoCampus.org is a collection of over 7,300 videos in 13 subject areas for students from middle school through college. The NROC Project supports this program. It is possible to create playlists. One of the initial challenges I see is that it currently relies on Adobe Flash Player.

NROC Project

The NROC Project has developed courses which instructors can install in a learning management system like Blackboard. These courses include Algebra 1, Developmental Math, and Developmental English.


EdReady is another program the NROC Project supports. According to the website, “EdReady™ lets you assess your readiness for college math and English, see target options, and get a personalized study path to fill in knowledge gaps.”

With EdReady, students can take an assessment to test their knowledge. The program would then provide content to help them fill in their knowledge and skill gaps. An institution could set up pretests for students. This would provide a study path for students before they arrived and it would help the institution know how prepared incoming students are.

EdReady helps to build a personalized path to prepare for success. Every student has areas where they can do better. It is not only suited for struggling students.

EdReady supports single sign-on.

Strategies for Success

Several higher ed institutions have implemented EdReady. Here are tips they have offered for success:

  • Frame the program as one that helps with success.
  • Require everyone to complete the EdReady exam. Therefore every student has a plan to improve regardless of the initial knowledge and skill level.
  • Capture the data on students and analyze it.
  • To prevent cheating, point out that the score they receive will put them in an appropriate class. This class may be higher or lower than what they are capable of.
  • Use personalization to prepare for the first three weeks of school.
  • Have tutoring and counseling support through messaging that emphasizes excelling.

This can be a great way to slow the summer melt. It provides potential students with a way to develop skills while waiting for the term to begin.

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