#OpenEd18: Students Remixing Education through OER Editing & Organizing

#OpenEd18: Students Remixing Education through OER Editing & Organizing

I really enjoyed this standing room only presentation from our friends at Corning Community College. Ryan Hersha, OER Coordinator at Corning Community College, highlighted the work students had completed in support of OER.

For most of the presentation, two students (Rose Ruland and Sarah Bogdan) shared their experiences of assisting with substantial OER projects. They shared these examples:

  • Corning uses an open textbook for public speaking. Students have the ability to provide comments on the OER content for subsequent improvement. Instructors can provide comment access for all types of OER materials.
  • Students organized a panel to share what they have experienced using OER.
  • One of the students helped to edit an OER book. The student felt invested in the project and she learned about open licensing. This could be a great project for honors students.
  • Give students commenting access to OER materials.

This was an enjoyable example for getting students involved in OER creation and improvement. I will certainly be passing the word on this. It was also great to hear the students’ enthusiasm around the work they completed.

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