#SUNYCIT – Dr. Alexander Cartwright, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor SUNY

#SUNYCIT - Dr. Alexander Cartwright

Mid-morning on the first day, Dr. Janet Nepkie, FACT2 chair and Dr. Alexander Carwright, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor SUNY addressed the participants of the SUNY CIT. Nepkie focused on the success of FACT2 and COTE activities, and Cartwright discussed the future of SUNY.

Dr. Janet Nepkie

Nepkie began by highlighting some of the achievements of COTE. So far, over 1,600 individuals had earned badges issued by SUNY COTE. You can read more about the SUNY COTE digital badges for professional development in this post. At this time, 38 campuses are using the Open SUNY COTE Quality Review (OSCQR) to do online course reviews. JCC is one of those campuses.  Here is more on OSCQR:

Presently, 46 campuses are involved in some phase of the Institutional Review process. JCC just completed Phase III of the process and we are writing our final report.

The Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) program is alive and well. SUNY has awarded $716k for 2016-2017 grant cycle. Forty-five percent of the submitted proposals were funded. SUNY JCC was fortunate to receive an IITG in this cycle.

Dr. Meghan McCune, assistant professor of anthropology at SUNY JCC, has been awarded a $7,800 State University of New York Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (SUNY IITG). Titled “Seneca Culture, History, and Government: Developing an Online Course and Open Access Textbook in Collaboration with the Seneca Nation of Indians,” Meghan’s project includes placing the textbook History of the Seneca Nation by Dr. Laurence M. Hauptman into the SUNY Creative Commons and building an online course around the open access text. Development of online content will include interviews with Dr. Hauptman and Seneca citizens, archival photographs, lesson plans, and PowerPoint presentations.

There are 110 first-time attendees at the 2016 SUNY CIT, and 50% of attendees are faculty.

Nepkie stressed the importance of FACT2 campus representation. In order to apply for an IITG grant, an institution must have a FACT2 representative.  Additionally, FACT2 representatives are key to bringing news to campuses and helping with FACT2 task groups. Finally, Dr. Nepkie indicated her tenure as FACT2 chair was coming to a close and Dr. John Kane will be taking over as FACT2 chair.

Dr. Alexander Cartwright

Cartwright focused on the vision forward for SUNY and began his remarks by noting that Dr. Zimpher had submitted her resignation as SUNY Chancellor.

He spoke about the benefits and importance of the SUNY CIT conference. He believed the discussions at SUNY CIT were important to the future of SUNY. Cartwright highlighted topics important to him:

  • OER
  • Student engagement
  • Inquiry
  • Student and faculty support
  • Going mobile

Cartwright then spoke about the SUNY Excels Performance Framework of Access, Completion, Success, Inquiry, and Engagement. Access, completion, and success made up the completion agenda, and Inquiry and Engagement formed the impact of challenges. Diversity and inclusion were key components across the framework.

SUNY Excels Performance Framework

SUNY Excels Performance Framework

Cartwright also discussed achieving SUNY Excels/Campus performance improvement plan goals (See slides 7-11):

  • SUNY Impacts
  • SUNY Inquires
  • SUNY Includes
  • SUNY Innovates
Technological expertise and efficiency are keys to success.
SUNY Impacts

SUNY needs to become increasingly more innovative. We need to accept some level of failure as we move forward.

Cartwright discussed three initiatives that he would like feedback on.  He is encouraging everyone to go to this survey to share comments. Here are the three initiatives:

  • SUNY Micro-credentialing task force
  • Open SUNY 2.0 (Optimized Personalized Education Network)
  • SUNY Path (Predicative Analytics Transforming Higher Education)

It is always great to understand the direction the larger organization is going. It helps to ensure goals align. I am pleased to see that we are thinking about the same things.

Stan Skrabut, Ed.D.

Stan is Director of Technology-Enhanced Instruction. He has over 20 years experience working as an instructional technologist and trainer. He has a master’s degree in computing technology in education and a doctorate in education specializing in instructional technology.

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