#SUNYCIT – Wild “GooseChase”

#SUNYCIT - Wild -GooseChase-

GooseChase is a scavenger hunt game application. Kirsty Digger from SUNY Delhi showed how GooseChase could be used in an academic environment. In her example, she showed how she used it in her nursing classes. I, personally, think this would be a great activity for a Student Success Seminar.

With GooseChase, learners are asked to complete a number of activities and they demonstrate completion of the activity with a photo of their success.

Example of GooseChase being used for Nursing

Example of GooseChase being used for Nursing

Digger shared that instructors would build the games on the web. Each hunt could be saved and reused. The application also comes with a mission bank that could be used as a starting point and localized for the activity.  Hunts can be public or private.

Participants would access the hunt using the mobile application.

Basic accounts are free
  • up to 10 teams
  • unlimited missions
  • real-time activity feed
  • automatic scoring
  • one-click photo download

Instructors can track the action as it occurs. Also, a leaderboard can be posted for that competitive game aspect.  To create a sense of urgency, you can also set a time limit.

This looks like a fun activity to be used in a variety of academic settings.

Here are my notes for this session.

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