Adding captions to your MS Word 2013 document

Ribbon location of the caption option in  MS Word 2013

Ribbon location of the caption option in MS Word 2013

Did you know that you can easily insert a caption in a Word 2013 document?

When you insert tables, pictures and other objects in your Word 2013 document, you’ll want to add a caption to it. The caption can help make the object accessible and provide clarification. The caption will also help you refer to the object within the document.

Fortunately, Word makes it easy for you to insert a caption for your table or picture. Just follow these steps:

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Horizontal Rules to Break Content

an example of a horizontal rule

When we talk about good Web layout, and student usability of courses, one of the main factors is the readability of the textual content that they are expected to learn and/or interact with. Any number of factors can hinder this usability – which include, but are certainly not limited to, images that, rather than enhancing the learning, become distractions with movement or irrelevance to the topic at hand; difficult to read fonts. Likewise, serif-style fonts (i.e. Times New Roman) are generally more difficult to read on a computer screen than their sans-serif (Arial, Tahoma, Calibri) cousins, as well as too much text filling up the field of vision.

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