Save Time Converting to Google Docs

Time is a precious commodity. Google Docs has saved me countless hours. With Google Docs, I am able to get to all of my files regardless of where I am in the world. I am not restricted to a single location to work on a file. With shared links to Google Docs, I can make a change that is immediately seen by everyone with access to the file. This eliminates wasted time in redistributing files that have been changed. Let me share two quick tips that will help you save even more time as you transfer your content to Google Docs. Continue reading

How to keep your Outlook and Google Calendars in Sync

How to keep your Outlook and Google calendars in sync

My entire world is in the cloud. So much so that I personally bought a Chromebook to see if I could solely operate in the cloud. I can. Google Apps are a staple of my system. However, at work, I need to use MS Outlook to maintain my email and calendar. Recently, I found a little program to sync my Outlook and Google calendars. This has eliminated the need to manually create calendar events in my Google calendar.

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