#WYInnovations2017 Presentation: Go Paperless with Google Classroom

#WYInnovations2017 Presentation: Go Paperless with Google Classroom

While we do not primarily use Google Classroom at Jamestown Community College, we do have some faculty experimenting with it. Since, I do not use Google Classroom that often, I decided to sit in on this session. Rebecca Velikaneye from Wheatland Middle School provided a thorough review of Google Classroom. She highlighted a number of the paperless benefits of this application. Continue reading

Horizontal Rules to Break Content

an example of a horizontal rule

When we talk about good Web layout, and student usability of courses, one of the main factors is the readability of the textual content that they are expected to learn and/or interact with. Any number of factors can hinder this usability – which include, but are certainly not limited to, images that, rather than enhancing the learning, become distractions with movement or irrelevance to the topic at hand; difficult to read fonts. Likewise, serif-style fonts (i.e. Times New Roman) are generally more difficult to read on a computer screen than their sans-serif (Arial, Tahoma, Calibri) cousins, as well as too much text filling up the field of vision.

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