Go Green! Print Wisely

Go Green! Print Wisely

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Did you know that you can be environmentally conscious, minimize the use of resources, and save money too?

Do you print your documents and emails with eco-friendly, “green” fonts? I’ll be honest; this is something that I never really thought about. Sure, it’s pretty obvious that printing out emails or documents that can be read online is not a “green” thing to do; and that printing only the required amount of materials for your job is certainly more environmentally friendly than printing large quantities of materials that will become obsolete. But, it had never occurred to me how much impact I could have on reducing the use of resources, both here at JCC and at home. Continue reading

Food for Thought: Ways to Save Time Teaching With Technology

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Face it, we love technology, and technology is great–when it works.

While using technology for learning is easy, mastering it–using it to save time, reduce busy work, and ultimately increase student understanding–is another matter entirely.

Among the things that can slow us down are lost passwords, blocked YouTube channels, and just  the sheer amount of technology and information available. Is it any wonder that it puts a dent in your enthusiasm for consistently using technology? So, in the spirit of divide and conquer; let’s take a look at some ways to identify problems and solutions for teaching with technology.

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