Cool Ed Tech Tools!

Cool Ed Tech Tools!

Recently I was invited to attend a technology workshop for language teachers.  Now mind you, I am not a language teacher – but seeing as I support faculty who are language teachers; I felt it behooved me to attend.  Boy, am I glad I did!  The workshop was led by Edwige Simon, Ph.D. of The University of Colorado at Boulder.  Not only was she knowledgeable about technology relative to language education, but also provided a wealth of information that applies to diverse curricula.

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#SUNYCIT Session: Lights, Camera, Teach: Producing Video for MOOCs and Other Education Uses

Lights, Camera, Teach Producing VideoThis is the third session I have attended this year focused on videos. The other two were presented at the Association of Talent Development Conference:

This one was presented by Andrea Beukema from the University of Albany. She provided a number of valuable tips on how to produce better videos; videos that will be viewed. Continue reading