TEI Workshop – Multimodal Assessment in Blackboard

TEI Workshop - Multimodal Assessment in Blackboard

Universal Design for Learning theory recommends using various means of assessment of student understanding of course content.   Adopting a multimodal assessment strategy can also decrease student plagiarism and instances of cheating.   This session will cover a wide range of assessments tools that you may use as part of your multimodal assessment strategy.

  • What is multimodal assessment and what is its role with UDL?
  • Overview of Blackboard assessments
  • Written Assessments-discussion boards, journaling, wikis, blogs, assignments
  • Use of SafeAssign for Assignments
  • Inline grading of assignments.
  • Autograding Assessments, ie. Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

Location: HULT 154 (AV center) and LLAC 317 (If you are on the Dunkirk campus and would like to participate, please let me know so that I can make room and connection arrangements.)

Date and time:

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Stan Skrabut, Ed.D.

Stan is Director of Technology-Enhanced Instruction. He has over 20 years experience working as an instructional technologist and trainer. He has a master’s degree in computing technology in education and a doctorate in education specializing in instructional technology.

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