Aurasma is a mobile application designed for augmented reality. Aurasma overlays video, audio, or other files over a trigger image.

With a smartphone or camera-abled tablet, images are brought to virtual life through advanced image recognition and media overlays.

Essential Requirements

In order to use Aurasma, you must have either the application loaded on your phone or tablet, or have the Aurasma Studio loaded on a computer.

Aurasma can be found at


To view an Aurasma, you must use the Aurasma application on a smartphone or camera-abled mobile device.

To create Aurasmas, you can use the Aurasma application on a smartphone or camera-abled mobile device, or use the Aurasma Studio on a computer.


Aurasma if available as an application for Androids or Apple mobile devices.

The Aurasma Studio software application is available to Aurasma partners and can be found at Aurasma Partners.

Learning resources information

Here is a video that provides a great example of what Aurasma is and how it works.

Reading List

Key Web links

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand Aurasma and its capabilities.


Here are a number of great ideas for using Aurasma in an educational environment.


Here are great examples of Aurasma in action.

Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of videos that will help you understand and use Aurasma.

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