Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook; however, it selectively uses groups or “Circles” to restrict where messages are visible.

Google+ has a number of features which are similar yet different to other products. The first is Circles. Circles allow you to organize the individuals you follow into similar groups such as research colleagues, organization members, class participants, etc. With circles you can share conversations with one or more groups.

Google+ uses the Stream to display all of the conversations you are following. You have the ability to filter the Stream to a specific Circle.

Hangouts are used for impromptu or even scheduled meetings, the meetings use a webcam. There is a maximum participation limit of 10.

Google+ photos are associated with the Picasa Web service.

Essential Requirements

Google+ will operate on both a Mac or PC, as well as a mobile devices.


The only equipment needed is a computer, smart phone, or iPod with a Web browser.


Access to Google+ is accomplished through a Web-browser. These are the most common browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

Google+ is accessed by going to although you may require and invitation to begin. If you need an invitation, find a Google+ user; they are usually willing to send out invites.

Learning resources information

Key Web links

Guides and Beginner Instructions

Here are a number of great guides to help you better understand Google+ and its capabilities.

What is Google+ Resources

Here an number of articles that try to provide more information about Google+

Chrome Extensions

Here are a number of recommended Google Chrome extensions for extending Google+


Here are instructions and help documents for using the Google+ Circles feature.


Here are a number of great ideas for using Google+ in a education environment.


Here are instructions and help documents for using the Google+ Hangout feature.


Here are articles about Google+ hashtags.


Here are articles explaining how to integrate other social media applications with Google+.


Here are some articles to give guidance for handling photos in Google+.


Here are instructions and help documents for Google+ Privacy Settings.


Here are instructions and help documents for using the Google+ Profile feature.

Tips and Shortcuts

Here collections of tips and shortcuts for using Google+ better.

Video Tutorials

Here is a collection of videos that will help you understand and use Google+.

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